Business Growth/ROI

We get it. In today’s business world you succeed by accelerating your revenue growth and maximizing profits. Sounds easy right? But how? We have the answer. You can increase production and sales by leveraging our virtual team of industry experts. We provide you a competitive edge by managing every aspect of the sales and production processes. Our intelligent business solutions channel those efforts in the right direction—increasing your bottom line. Suddenly your projects run smoothly giving you the freedom and the peace of mind to pursue new opportunities to help you grow faster. 

Customer Retention

It’s proven that when you increase customer retention that increases your profits. Our professional account management team provides tailored solutions and concierge level service to your customers. We listen to their challenges, empathize with their experiences and work to solve their challenges and issues quickly and efficiently.  

Real-time Production Management/Workflow

Stay up-to-date on the latest status of all your projects with VITALS (VPIB Innovative Tracking and Logistics System). Projects are monitored from inception to completion using our proven, streamlined workflow. Each production checkpoint is notated to ensure maximum productivity while maintaining project schedules, meeting deadlines. Access your account any time, from anywhere: view real-time project status updates, generate and view custom reports of your revenue pipeline all from one handy tool. 

Overhead Cost Savings

“Been there, done that.” It’s a balancing act: you cannot increase production or sales without more personnel, but the time and cost of recruiting, hiring, and training employees can slow revenue growth. With VPIB you have a team of experts—already skilled in sales, print, and promotion—for what it would cost you to add one employee with no increase in overhead and no management time.